PunchOut Express – The fastest way to B2B

Connect to any ERP or eProcurement Solution

Get up and running quickly with a B2B capable eCommerce platform.

Punchout Express Key Features

  • Full B2B integration
  • Pre-Configured for B2B
  • Hosting and Support included


PunchOut Express is a turn key B2B solution for connecting to your buyer’s ERP or eProcurement application.After installation and basic configuration your existing site is ready to connect to your customers.

Support for all your transactions:

  • Carts – Give your customers a place to connect and shop for your goods or services with integration that sends their items directly into the customers ERP.
  • Purchase Orders – Customers send electronic POs to our system and you receive notifications when new orders are created. Optionally integrate with your order fulfillment system to fully automate the process.
  • Shipments / ASN – Create records of your shipments and automatically notify your customers so they know their items are on the way.
  • Invoices – Send electronic invoices to your customers and get paid quickly.

One system – Many Connections

Use the extension to configure connections with all of your customers. Each one can have a different ERP or eProcurement solution with unique mapping, document types and more.

Map customers into groups to ensure they see the right pricing and products when they login to your system.


No limit in the number of connections you can support.


Pricing is broken up into two parts

  • One-time connection fee
  • Monthly subscription (based on number of connections and transaction types)
  • Optional Connection Fee – PunchOut Catalogs will do all the work for you, including:
    • Contact your customer and explain the process
    • Work with your customer
    • Configure the connection in non-production
    • Work with customer to test the connection and ensure everything working correctly
    • Setup production connection and take the customer live

For a detailed quote, reach out to us via our Contact Us page.

PunchOut Catalogs provides different options depending on your business needs.  

PunchOut Express – fully hosted in our Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers.  We provide the hosting, security, upgrades and maintenance for PunchOut Express customers.

PunchOut Connect – The punchout connect extension is packaged and installed on your existing eCommerce store on Magento 1 or Magento 2.  In this case, you host the solution anywhere you like.

For Punchout Connect, POC will support the installation of the extension from a technical perspective. Making our extension seamlessly integrates with your current environment. Please note that this extension was built under the assumption that no core Magento features have been altered.

For Punchout Express, POC is responsible for setting up a Magento 2 site with extension installed. Our setup includes basic theming and Out of the Box functionality.

Procurement SystemsPunchOut Catalogs can integrate with any eProcurement system that supports cXML PunchOut or OCI RoundTrip.  <link to full list>

eCommerce Systems – PunchOut Catalogs is a Magento technology partner and the extension can be found in the Magento Marketplace.

There are 4 primary transaction types that your customer can choose to process through the PunchOut:

  • Shopping Carts
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices
  • Advanced Ship Notices

Purchase Orders can be sent from customers ERP system through our gateway and into a suppliers eCommerce solution. If Magento – an order export can be run from Magento out to a customer fulfillment system.

Yes, our Punchout Express solution is fully hosted in our Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers.  We provide the hosting, security, upgrades and maintenance for Punchout Express customers.

cXML (Commerce extensible Markup Language) or OCI (open catalog interface)

A buyer logs into their internal ERP system and selects a suppliers catalog to shop. A cXML or OCI message is sent to our punchout gateway with proper credentials enabling access to the suppliers catalog. Once the buyer has added the desired products to a shopping cart, rather going through a check out process, a cart is transferred from the suppliers eCommerce platform back to buyer’s eProcurement system. Along with the ability to connect buyers with their suppliers catalog, our extension supports purchase orders, invoices and advanced shipment notices.

Having PunchOut capabilities provides a large number of benefits for suppliers:

  • Do business the way the largest companies in the world do business, i.e. via B2B eProcurement systems.
  • Qualify for very large contracts with these large companies who require punchout capable suppliers.
  • Provide a captive purchasing experience when they access your site.
  • Upsell and/or cross-sell additional products and/or services.
  • Gain valuable insights into what your customers are doing on your site, e.g. searching, browsing, and many other user behavior analytics.

Punchout is an extension that seamlessly integrates with a buyers ERP system that makes buying easier and more efficient.